Q: Is it the Thai Style Massage?

A: That's mixed with Thai Massage and Japanese Shiatsu in our own unique way.It's much softer and relaxed than the original Thai style.

Q: How can the guest go to the shop even if they don't know the place?

A: We have a free transfer service. Please tell us the guest's name and where we can pick you up. If you stay in a hotel in Siem Reap, it will take around 15 minutes to be able to pick you up.

Q: What time should the guest arrive at the shop?

A: Before treatment, all guests will required to write a health interview sheet. Please come to our shop 5 minutes prior to your treatment.

Q: What is the point to take care when giving a treatment?

A: Please relax your body and don't let your muscles be strained to have a successful massage.Breathing will be slow and natural. It's better to breath out slowly when stretch your body.Our Massage is not fit for pregnant or guests with heart problems or complications.

Q: What Languages can the therapist speak?

A: The reservation staff can use basic and easy English and Japanese whilethe therapists can use some easy words like "pain", "cold" or "OK".

Q: Should the guest pay a tip?

A: It's up to customer and it is not forced. Therapist will be happy if you give it to them.

Q: What kind of payment method does the shop accept?

A: We can receive payment by the cash. We're sorry but we don't deal with credit cards at the moment.

Q: Are there spa products being sold at the shop?

A: We sell those in our souvenir shop. We plan to deal more products in the future.