Voice from the Guest

It's good that we can give a treatment with a companion.

Thank you. All of our treatment rooms are private. The guest can relax even if if its just 1 person or a couple.

Every staff smiled lovely.

Thank you. That's from their warm Cambodian hospitality that comes off from them naturally.

Therapists' technique level is uneven.

Thank you for your comment. We're lecturing all of our therapists to be able for them to master our techniques. We will do our but now we're still developing so we will lecture more.

I want to pay by credit card.

We are preparing our credit card machine for this year.

I felt too cold.

We were often told about that comment.We will try to adjust our air-conditioning or use more towels for warmth.

I felt your business effort.

Thank you. We are happy to know that our guests can appreciate our efforts.

It was good with no noise and only healing music.

Thank you. That's exactly our objective.

It was good that we didn't have to worry about the therapist.

Thank you. That's also our objective.

It was felt good with a high level of technique.

Thank you. We are trying to train the therapist to be the best.

I felt hot.

These days we changed our air-conditioning units. Now everything is back to normal.

The background music was stopped.

We use auto repeat function but sometimes that doesn't work. We will consider that and be careful next time.

the pillow was too high so that my shoulder was stiff.

We will consider that comment when we change our pillows next time.

Please add the column for writing medical history and illness.

We will change and include that in our next printing of questionnaires.